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User's Privacy Policy

Here is a detailed explanation of how Allphex Incorporations manages the gathering, handling, and security of all sensitive user data.


We value user confidentiality greatly. Allphex Incorporations is dedicated to maintaining and securing your personal information. Our privacy statement explains the categories of private information we gather and the documents we require you to provide to us; what we will use it for; the third parties we'll disclose it to and the period of time it will be used; and our measures to secure your information. Along with your responsibilities, it explains how you can use them in relation to how we handle your private details. Do read and comprehend this policy carefully.

It's indeed crucial that you review this policy periodically for any modifications, as we reserve the right to change, update, and remodify it. The privacy policy described will, at the moment, apply to all personal details we currently have. We will inform you of any significant changes we feel are necessary. Please be informed that this notification is meant for current and prospective users. Whether you are a third party, user or Allphex Incorporations team member, your personal details will be provided to us in accordance with the type of contract/agreement format that is readily available and accessible by simply reaching out to us.

Unless otherwise noted, any mention of "STI," "our," "we," or "us" in this privacy policy refers to every party in the Allphex Incorporations Groups as the situation demands. We assume that you have extensively read and comprehended the content of this policy and the measures by which we handle the information provided by you, particularly your personal data, before becoming a user. You acknowledge and agree that this policy will take effect once you register an account with us.

When you open a new account with Allphex Incorporations, you acknowledge that this policy, along with any other updates, will control the measures by which we gather, keep, utilize, disclose, and otherwise handle all your personal information while doing business with you. We treat your personal information in accordance with this policy. These below are the types of personal details we gather and retain.

Prospective users provide us with the relevant personal details as part of our business: By creating an account with Allphex Incorporations, you must provide us with your first and last name, contact information, your date of birth, gender and geographic location. While accessing our websites or apps, your traffic data, information regarding your location, and weblogs will also be provided. Additionally, our cookies are used to collate your personal information in order to provide you with personalized services, which will be stored on your hard drive. It gives us the ability to provide personalized settings and serve you with your customized preferences to enhance your experience.

Furthermore, we preserve archives of your deposit and trading activities, such as a record of digital assets you transacted with us. Allphex Incorporations is required by law to verify users' eligibility whenever they create a new account or add a new authorization to an existing account. To comply with the criteria established by anti-money laundering regulations, we must view and collect specific information. As mandated by anti-money laundering laws or laws that are pertinent to the services that we offer you, identification paperwork includes: A passport, a driver's license, a national identity card, utility bills, a credit report, or any additional details we deem crucial for our business operations. In sensitive cases, we are obligated to collate relevant and extra information, such as corporate papers containing your address, the shareholders' and directors' personal information, as well as the shareholders' and directors' personal information. In order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, we reserve the right to request any further information we feel appropriate.
This information is collected in a variety of ways, including when you use Allphex Incorporations services, products, and webpage(s), fill out account creation e-forms, use site cookies or other advanced tracking software applications, and subscribe to Allphex Incorporations news and updates. Occasionally, we may request additional personal information from users (through simple surveys). If you are skeptical about providing us with the necessary information, we might not be capable of offering you your preferred digital products or services. Whatever discussions with users regarding any services that we offer, whether they be oral, written, or electronic, may be recorded by us. These records shall serve as our only source of ownership and shall serve as a record of users’ conversations with us. We reserve the right to do so.

With whom are we permitted to reveal your personal details?
We may share your information with the following parties in order to fulfill the aforementioned uses for your personal details. We can share your personal information with our service or app(s) providers whenever you make use of them: authorities if there has been any breach of legal proceedings; our financial regulators and insurance supervisory board; and others; credit card companies and financial institutions handling your financial transactions; audit teams or consultants or other investment advisors, actively helping with, or guiding on most of our commercial purposes; authorities, courts, and applicable state regulators as negotiated or approved by the legal system; our negotiations with government agencies and enforcement agencies where legally required and in responding to many other relevant laws and regulations; introducing brokerage firms and affiliated groups that we have a mutual relationship.

Allphex Incorporations makes an effort to just share with these third-party companies the minimal personal information necessary for them all to execute their assigned responsibilities to us. Personal information that is accessible to our third-party service providers would only be used by them to carry out their contractual obligations to us and is not authorized for further use by them. However, There could be connections to independent third-party websites on our sites or in our apps. Kindly be informed, though, that our “privacy policy” does not and will not apply to third-party sites as well as other webpages that are not governed by our privacy policies and regulations. Please inquire about each third group's privacy policies and practices by contacting them directly.

How do we get your permission and when? Depending on the specific reason for which we use your information, we may handle it on any or all of these constitutional grounds.
The following are the legal foundations:
When one of these legal bases applies to the utilization of your personal details, we would need your permission. The giving of certain permissions shall be voluntary, and users shall be entitled to revoke this at any time by notifying us as indicated in the terms and conditions or by unsubscribing from our mailing lists. We may use the personal information you provide to us by filling out forms on our website(s) or through other means, as well as the personal information you provide to us throughout our working relationship, to interact with you about promotion and advertising goals, as well as to provide you with market updates and statistical data.You may have emails sent to you, receive messages via your online service portal, and receive notifications via SMS, as well as other methods of contact. If you do not have access to your created account or if it fails to be created for unknown reasons, you can opt out or file a complaint by emailing us using the email address you provided to us.

We take precautions to protect the personal information we keep against misuse, loss, unauthorized access, alteration, and disclosure. We store personal information in a combination of secure computer storage facilities, paper-based files, and other documents.

How, Why and How long are private records kept?
If we decide that your personal data is not relevant anymore, we will either erase whatever data that may be used to identify you or safely delete the information. Nevertheless, Allphex Incorporations might need to keep a record of their users for a long period of time. We must keep records and proof of all our actions regarding your personal identification, sources of earnings, tracking of your transaction data, mobile phone, conversation, and email messages, requests and trading history, managing of your concerns, and records that can show that we fully complied with supervisory codes of practice across the business, for instance, since we are subordinate to investment and financial services and anti-money laundering regulations. Once our commercial connection with you has terminated, such documents must have been kept for a minimum of four years if requested by authorities. We might occasionally rely upon relevant standard contract terms, enforceable business policies, the European Data Protection Shield, and any other similar valid agreements whenever we transmit your information to other third-party companies outside of the EEA.

Please get in touch with us using any of the information provided below if you'd like a copy of these agreements.

  1. Protection of personal data: We are dedicated to protecting personal details, and then we will take the necessary technological and organizational precautionary measures to guarantee a form of encryption that guards against unauthorized damage, loss, unlawful modifications and manipulations, and accidental or unlawful disclosing of, or access to, private details communicated, retained, and otherwise handled.
  2. Allphex Incorporations assigned a professional privacy officer to make absolutely sure that our protection of personal data complies with this privacy policy and the relevant laws. Businesses outside of the Allphex Incorporations Groups are not permitted to manage or access personal details without first acknowledging its privacy, committing to uphold each person's privacy rights, and adhering to this privacy policy as well as any general data protection regulation legislation.
The following are, in summary, the data security procedures currently used by us: Staff members have only access to the personal data needed. We instruct our staff members who process personal data to protect the security of customer details and the privacy rights of users by mandating the use of passwords and two-factor verification once attempting to access Allphex Incorporations systems.
Since tough security barriers have been implemented, staff have only access to personal information necessary for the activities they undertake. Putting in place a firewall, intrusion prevention system, and antivirus software tools to keep unauthorized users and malware out of our systems; using specialized strong encryption or protection whenever we transmit electronic information for sourcing purposes; and adhering to our policies.

These are your rights. Kindly be advised that not every situation will be covered by all these rights. You're eligible for:
  • Request that any incorrect personal information we have on file for you be corrected;
  • Request that your personal information be deleted. However, because of certain legalities, we will not always be able to honor your request for deletion, which we will certainly notify you of in time.
  • If we use your personal information for marketing and advertising purposes, you have the right to object. In exceptional circumstances, we may be willing to emphasize that our legitimate interests in handling your data outweigh your liberties.
  • Request that access to your personal information be restricted.It gives you the option to request that we stop processing your personal information in the following situations: Unless users need us to authenticate the integrity of the information, if our usage is illegal and you would not want it deleted, if you ever need us to keep the information even after we no longer need it because you need it to make, exercise, or protect civil cases, so that you may have compelling legal justification for doing so;
  • Request that your personal information be transferred to you or a third party authorized by you.All personal details will be delivered to you, or a specified party, in a standardized, generally accepted, computerized manner.
  • Revoke permission at any time if it is required for personal data processing. To submit the personal information request, send an email to Allphex Incorporations using the email address you supplied to us. For complaints and enquiries, kindly contact us using the registered email address you supplied us with if you really want to exercise your rights. In one (one) month, we strive to attend to every query. However, if your demands are exceptionally complicated and you have already created a couple of demands, it might take us more than one month to respond. Therefore, in such a situation, Allphex Incorporations will let you know and keep you informed.

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